Hi, I’m Kristida, a Wedding and Editorial Portrait Photographer

Let’s get to know each other

I absolutely LOVE telling LOVE stories with my photographs. It's my passion, my obsession, my inspiration, and the other biggest love of my life (besides my partner and 2 beautiful sons). It's simply part of me. I live in the beautiful Surrey countryside, within easy reach of London where I'm frequently found photographing weddings, editorials, and being involved in all sorts of other creative assignments.

My style is atmospheric, authentic, Editorial, romantic, and stylish. Through experience, I've developed an instinct for the ideal combination of light, composition, and emotion.  Most of my wedding photographs are taken as the day unfolds, however, I can mix in some editorial and portraiture as required. I always focus all of my creativity and effort on helping you, the happy couple, look your best in your wedding photographs. You deserve to have the most wonderful pictures to enjoy and be proud of for all time.

A little about me


I’m Kristida

I live in the picturesque countryside of Surrey, just a short distance from London. My time is mostly devoted to capturing precious moments at weddings, conducting editorial photoshoots, and taking on diverse creative assignments. Beyond my professional life, I am immensely proud to be a mother to two incredible boys and the partner of a tall, dark, and handsome man. Additionally, I am the loving owner of a lively fluffy terrier, a Bengal cat, and a rabbit, adding joy to our household. Furthermore, I have recently embraced a new challenge by becoming a student of Graphic Design Technologies.


Relationship with nature

I have a deep passion for nature and adventure. Some of my most stunning shots, created for editorial families or personal shots, are taken in the great outdoors. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy hiking and exploring new places. I strongly believe that we can reestablish our connection with nature and rejuvenate our souls by immersing ourselves in the natural world.



With a cultivated instinct for merging light, composition, and emotion, I consistently invest in my growth by joining new courses and competing in photography events. I self-taught the fundamentals through dedicated days, capturing moments, and examining the dynamic shifts and why they occur.


Interesting Fact

I used to be a dancer in various styles, with dance and music playing a major role in my life. In grade 11, I taught kids to dance, which was an incredible experience. Before coming to the UK, I had been dancing salsa for many years and even won numerous trophies in competitions. At the age of 16, I participated in a three-day dance marathon and emerged as the winner.

Editorial Photography

Wedding Photography

My job is to tell your stories and leave an indelible memory over time. I'm here to guide you to the best day of your lives!